Faculty and Staff


Principal: Seth Neyman (sneyman@cherokeek12.org)

Assistant Principal: Stephen Ingram (singram@cherokeek12.org)

Counselor: Priscilla Bartlett (pbartlett@cherokeek12.org)

Students can Click here to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Bartlett.

2017-18 Student Schedules

Support Staff

Office Secretary: Becky Miller

Bookkeeper: Tina Guice

Custodians: Shelia Studdard & Tim Hartmann

CNP: Denise Hilburn, Debbie Moon, Lona Beuckens, Cindy Kisor

Instructional Aides: Connie Whatley, Cristy Johnson, Lamont Kyle, Beth Milam

Nurse: Anna Hellums


Faculty and Support Staff